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Bounty Program

StarLight Team Proudly Announce its Bounty Campaign to Reward Community through Social media for your support. So Many Ways to get rewarded with.
We will appreciate your work with us in different rewards ,Hurry up and get yours!

( Let's Create Wealthy Community )

Create YouTube Video & Reviews

  • There are Many Huge Rewards For YouTube Marketing and many Opportunities to Win. Go ahead and Catch Them.
  • Produce quality video explaining benefits of STARLIGHT COIN , Features of STARLIGHT COIN , ICO of STARLIGHT COIN , How to guides of STARLIGHT COIN.
  • To Get This Reward You have to Create Video / Review that Appreciating About StarLight Coin.
  • Your YouTube channel subscribers must be more than 100.
  • For every Successful Video You Will Get 20-50 SLC Coins.
  • User Can Earn This Bounty maximum 2 Times in a Week.
  • 3 Random Lucky Winners Awarded With Below Rewards
  • 1) 1st Lucky Winner will be Rewarded With Apple iPhone X ( 256 GB ) + 500 SLC.
    2) 2nd Lucky Winner will be Rewarded with Apple iPhone X ( 64 GB ).
    3) 3rd Lucky Winner will be Rewarded with Apple iPhone 7 ( 64 GB ).
  • Top 3 Best YouTube Video with be chosen For Below Rewards.
  • * 1st Place Reward :- 3 BTC
    * 2nd Place Reward :- 1 BTC
    * 3rd Place Reward :- 0.5 BTC
  • 10 Selected Videos With Most Views + Like + comments Wii be Rewarded with 1000$ each.
  • Rewards of Video Depends on Quality of the Video.
  • Winners Will be Announced on Website After End Of the ICO.
  • You Must Have to Write Your Username in Your Videos Description.
  • Submit Your YouTube Video Link Via Bounty Campaign > YouTube Campaign in Login Area.

Blog & News Articles

  • Your Blog or Article Must Contain Minimum 300 Words.
  • To be eligible in the blog & articles bounty you can write a blog post on your active blog/news website to receive bounty rewards.
  • Article must be published only on cryptocurrency blogs.
  • Blog should be publicly accessible.
  • Contributor Will be Rewarded With 10-50 StarLight Coins For Every Successful Blog or Article.
  • Bounty depends on blog/news article Quality.
  • Top 3 Selected Blog or Article Wil be Rewarded With 1000-2000 StarLight Coins.
  • 10 Selected Blog & News Article will get 0.02 BTC.
  • Contributor Can Claim this bounty Maximum 3 Times in a Week.
  • You Must have to Write your Username in your Blog or News Articles.
  • To Claim This Reward You Have To send Link of your blog or News Article To Bounty Campaign > Blog & News Article Campaign in Login area.

  • Like Our Facebook Page.
  • Your Facebook account must have 1 months old.
  • You have minimum 100 Friends in your Profile.
  • Share Positive review About StarLight Coin To your Profile And Crypto Community Groups.
  • Creat a Post About StarLight Coin And Like/Share/Comment It to get 2-10 StarLight Coins.
  • User can earn This Bounty 1 Time per Day.
  • Top 100 Posts Will Get 0.01 BTC each.
  • Best 3 Facebook Promoter will rewarded with 1000 USD.
  • Coin Will be Distribute as per quality of your Post.
  • You must have to Write your username in your post.
  • To get this Reward you have to submit your facebook post link via Bounty Campaign > Facebook Campaign in Login Area.

  • Follow StarLight Coin Twitter Page.
  • You Must Have 50+ Followers
  • Tweet Related to StarLight Coin to Get 1-10 Coins.
  • User can earn this Bounty 1 Time per Day
  • you must have to Write your username in your tweet.
  • to get this reward you have to submit your tweet link via Bounty Campaign > Twitter Campaign in Login Area.

  • Help Community by Provide proper feedbacks positively on reddit posts
  • Publish Content about StarLight Coin to any CryptoCurrency Community.
  • Receive 5-10$+ Worth of SLC for each publish content / Feedback.
  • Submit your post link via Bounty Campaign > Reddit Campaign in Login Area.

Forum & Translation

  • To be eligible you must provide community support and answering questions with explanations about StarLightCoin with positive discussions in ANN thread at Bitcointalk and other Forums Related to CryptoCurrency.
  • You can also Write Post on Any other Forums related to CryptoCurrency Community for This Reward.
  • Proper Translation of Announcement Thread or Whitepaper are accepted for Translation Reward.
  • Google Translation not allowed
  • From Every successful translation of Whitepaper / Announcement Thread, you will get 10-50 SLC. For Every post in Forum you will get 5-25 SLC.
  • You must have to Write your username in your thread.
  • Submit Your Link Via Bounty Campaign > Forum & Translation Campaign in Login Area.

​​Unique Ideas

    We are accepting all unique ideas of promoting StarLight Coin that are not listed here in your way. Simply Mails us at and after approval from us you can star promoting StarLight Coin . You will be rewarded for your work as per your promotion.

    Thanks you!

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