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Meet BitGo ,The Most Popular & Trusted by Market Leaders. We are using BitGo as payment service partner. BitGo Enterprise enables safe, easy commercial Bitcoin transactions. with using BitGo we developed different unique wallets for every single user for each cryptocurrency.

Best thing about users wallet is that, in deposit and withdraw Section there is not just coin addresses you are seen, there is an unique wallet for each crypto currency for every user. Your dashboard wallet API is Connected live with BitGo wallet. it means Balances of your cryptocurrency showing live from BitGo API and we can't take it. that's how we do not carry users deposit & funds. All your deposit goes to your unique wallet . thus, your funds are always safe on your hands. you can conclusion how Its clearly transparent thing for your funds. none of other platform out there providing facility like this. it takes a lot of hard work and many months to develop this facility for our users. We believe that your funds should be only yours from starting to forever.

Below are some market leaders who choose BitGo to solve today’s most complex business challenges in the digital currency market. you can also find this list on BitGo.

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About StarLight Coin

The crypto currency market is growing exponentially. As more number of people are fuelling the speculations revolving
around the abstract currencies, the market now seems headed towards a more authentic future.

We are proud to announce the birth of a new cryptocurrency creating its own niche; The Starlight Coin. The pillars of creation sent a distant
light down in order to give rise to Starlight coin, a breakthrough in crypto tech.
StarLightCoin is bone of StarLight Platform. Starlight coin is structured around decentralized Peer to Peer advanced cryptocurrency.

StarLight coin aims to conduct secured and fast transaction using advanced Blockchain technology with seamless transfer-of-ownership. This is what makes Starlight coin stand out when compared to other cryptocurrencies

By using StarLight coin our platform allows user to use Six Major CryptoCurrencies Bitcoin, Ethereum,
Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin gold as a Payment Method 

Our Aim is open & transparent system with wide range of payment option unlike other platform.

Why StarLight Coin (SLC)

The fact that Starlight coin is in its infant stage, give it ample of space to grow. Cryptocurrency has great potential for the future and Starlight coin has been engineered to reap optimum benefits.


The technology behind StarLight coin is transparent open and available for anyone to know. All transaction are recorded after hashing on a block. StarLight Coin have goal to create transparency in every stage of progress

Highly Secured

With BlockChain technology being the backbone of StarLight coin, there is zero to no risk when it comes to fraud or hack strictly hashed transactions cannot be decrypted or viewed by anyone except the owner.


With thorough research, analysis, and development our team of programmers have developed this coin in order to ease the process of future cryptocurrency transaction. With clear roadmap and market capital, Starlight coin aims at being stable with less fluctuation and greater profits

Secured ICO investment opportunity

StarLight Coin comes with Buy with Confidence program and this program allows users to buy SLC with secured way. We aim to create honest platform by providing this facility.

Seamless Crypto Payment Solution

Our strong and secured payment gateways ensure that cryptocurrency payments are up and running 24x7 Accept and send multiple cryptocurrencies through our seamless payment solution

BlockChain Technology

Blockchain can be called as a distributed database all the cryptocurrency transactions are stored and recorded on the block. These blocks are state-of-the-art cryptography which makes them impossible to huck or decode. Multiple such blocks stitched together forms a blockchain.


Have a fear of ICO? StarLight team introducing Secured ICO investment program called "BUY WITH CONFIDENCE"

As we all aware about crypto currency industries types of ICO’s are simplest way to get money for projects and new upcoming development or requirements, but as per the market review and surveys up to 90% of ICO’s system failure because many of them are run away with investment or they didn’t provide right development and services according to project requirement as they promise to investors in roadmap or keymap.

Now enough, this scenario or methodology will not happen in future with our StarLight investors. Here, we take care of yours and your investment. We are going to launch fair and very safe ICO’s system for our ICO, where you can not lose anything from your investment. We want to build the trust among our StarLight community that we can provide what we promised while investment in our ICO system. StarLight team backed with world class and highly experienced blockchain developers and brilliant crypto advisers. Here, we are providing valuable and eco friendly system which exactly investor want. We will provide you refund of your investment amount of ICO’s, If StarLight team did not provide you proper guidance and development services as we promised in roadmap.

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What is Initial Coin Offering?

ICOs are similar to IPOs and crowdfunding. Similar to IPOs,
a stake of the start-up or business is sold to raise money for the entity’s operations throughout an ICO operation.

In this case, we are offering Starlight coins to keen investors.

While IPOs deal with investors, ICOs deal with supporters that are keen to invest in a new job similar to a crowdfunding event.

The goal of the ICO

In the ICO project, fans of the company’s effort purchase a few of the distributed crypto coins, in this case, Starlight coins with crypto currency.

These coins are referred to as tokens and resemble shares of a business sold to financiers in a Going public (IPO) transaction.

When the fund's requirements will be fulfilled within the stipulated timeframe, the money raised will be utilized to either initialize a new plan or to complete it.

ICO Price

 Pre-ico and 4 Ico rounds For Total 7M ICO Coins. onces the 1 stage sold out, Date will be provided for next Ico stage.
Distribution of Coins and its price for each round below this


Start Date


Available Coin


(0.5 m)

Price During Stage

0.1 $



Round 1

Start date will be announced after pre Round


Available Coin


(1 m)

Price During Stage

0.15 $




Start date will be announced after Round-1


Available Coin


(1 m)

Price During Stage

0.20 $



Round 3

Start date will be announced after Round-2


Available Coin


(2 m)

Price During Stage

0.40 $



Round 4

Start date will be announced after Round-3


Available Coin


(2.5 m)

Price During Stage

0.55 $



Distribution of StarLight Coins & ICO Fund

Total Coins Distribution 18,000,000

Pre-Mined Coins 7,500,000

Available Coins for Mining 10,500,000

Pre-Mined Coins 7,500,000

For ICO (Including Referral Commission) 7,000,000

For Bounty Campaign : 500,000

Distribution of ICO Fund

Uses For StarLight Payment Gateway & StarLight Analyst Bot : 95%

Uses for Advertising & Future Development of Project : 5%

Road Map

Lending Opportunity

Regular Lending Platform​​

Lending is to invest by your own StarLight Coins to get the return on a daily basis from the Management of StarLight Coin. The highest return per month is 45% of your investment. StarLight Coin provides investment options for you to get the full benefit as per your investment ability.In case you would like to invest more than $1,001 , StarLight Coin will guarantee your return per day based on your investment as the additional benefit ,excluding your daily return.
Lending Amount Interest (daily) Capital Amount back
$100 - $1000 Daily variation rate After 245 days
$1001 - $5000 Daily variation rate + 0.10% After 215 days
$5001 - $10,000 Daily variation rate + 0.20% After 185 days
$10,001 - $50,000 Daily variation rate + 0.25% After 155 days
$50,001 - $1,00,000 Daily variation rate + 0.30% After 125 days
$1,00,001+ Daily variation rate + 0.35% After 85 days

Special Lending Platform​​

StarLight Team Introducing Professional Lending Platform Vol 1.0 and Vol 2.0 . This Platform allows to generate Fix interest to StarLight Community. Here Great News for ICO investor is that Vol 1.0 Lending platform is available for only who have bought Coins During ICO. While Vol 2.0 Lending Platform available for everyone.

​​Vol 1.0

Lending Amount Total Interest (accrued daily) Guaranteed Bonus Capital Amount back
$100 - $1,00,000 + 7% 0.05% After 14 Days
$100 - $1,00,000 + 15% 0.10 % After 28 Days

Vol 2.0

Lending Amount Total Interest (accrued daily) Guaranteed Bonus Capital Amount back
$100 - $25,000 35% 0.15% After 60 Days
25,001+ 40% 0.15% After 60 Days

Staking Plans

For investors who are not ready to join our lending program, just holding StarLight Coin in your wallet can also bring you the considerable return. Staking reward payout daily to your wallet. and there is no minimum holding period . you can withdraw your coins anytime as you want. The earning interest rate from owning StarLight Coin start from 9% per month


(Per Month)

March 2018
Feb 2019


(Per Month)

March 2019
Feb 2020


(Per Month)

March 2020
Feb 2021

Affiliate Program

ICO Referral Bonus


With Starlight coin affiliate program you can refer to your friends on the ICO.

This enables you to a 10% referral bonus on each successful referral. This is a great opportunity to earn more on your invested money.

All referral commission will be Paid in six cryptocurrency from which your referral bought StarLight Coin. For example , if your referral bought StarLight Coin using Litecoin then your referral commission will be paid into Litecoin into your wallet instantly. You can withdraw that amount or you can Buy StarLight Coin.

Lending Affiliate Bonus

1 Level



2 Level



3 Level



4 Level



5 Level



6 Level



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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes , of course. you can buy SLC with 6 major crypto currency during ico. Bitcoin ,Litecoin , Ripple, Ethereum , Bitcoin cash and Bitcoin Gold. after an ico you can buy it from internal and external exchanges.
No. As you never see at other platforms, StarLight ICO secured with "Buy With Confidence" program. Some people will think that nothing is secured in ICO world. But we have different mindset and we are believe that investor must have rights of security while they are investing in early stages of company. This Program allows ICO Buyers to back their StarLight Coins anytime from 1st March to us if you are not satisfied with us at any point without any excuses. Read it detailed in Whitepaper.
We are using BitGo as a payment partner. It allows to user fast and secured transaction. Best thing about users wallet is that in deposit and withdraw Section there is not just coin addresses you are seen, there is an unique wallet for each crypto currency for every user. Your wallet API is Connected live with BitGo wallet. It means Balances of your cryptocurrency showing live from BitGo API. so its just like your assets are safe in your own wallet. You can conclusion how Its clearly transparent thing for your funds. Non of ico out there providing facility like this. We believe that your funds should be only yours from starting to forever.
You can invite your friends & family to buy SLC and get referral bonus when they buy coins during ico. you can also participate in Bounty Campaign to receive social bounty
You can join our Bounty Campaign by spread StarLight to different social platform and submit your social activity in dashboard. check our Bounty Campaign Section for more details.
Currently the adoption of blockchain based payments on the major online retailers is less than 1% in comparison to all traditional payment methods. Resent predictions show that on 2020 blockchain payments will reach 4 trilllion US dollars and will occupy up to 10% of the online payment market. Looking at this high growing demand, predictions could be made that in 3 to 5 years crypto payments will overpower the whole online payments with up to 30% of market share.

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